Established clients log in here to access your ChARM PHR portal.

Enter Client Portal

When you first set up your account you will need to use a computer browser with a separate tab open to your email account in order to receive the one-time password. After the initial set up you will be able to use your mobile device to access Charm if desired.

If you have any trouble setting up your account, you may chat with the support team at

The portal will allow you to:

  • Fill out intake questionnaires.
  • Communicate with me directly and securely via the messaging center.
  • Download visit summaries detailing your plan.
  • Access online payment or receipts.
  • Upload records, labs, or additional information for secure transmission.

Directions for uploading labs or medical records:

  • Make sure documents you want to share are in PDF format.
  • Log into your CharmPHR account and choose “Documents.”
  • Click “Upload” and be sure to choose the “Upload and Share” button.
  • It will ask you to choose my name as your care member, then click “Share.”