Dr. Marty has helped me to change my life!  For over 15 years I’ve struggled with unexplainable pain and problems with my reproductive system that no other doctors could help and, quite frankly, none of them seemed to care. They all just shrugged their shoulders and handed me the bill with zero answers.  I was at the end of my rope, feeling hopeless and helpless. Not even pain medication was helping, and it had begun to inflict damage on my body.

Dr. Marty changed all of that.  She listened to me, worked with me, never gave up on me or shrugged her shoulders, and was the most caring and knowledgeable doctor I’ve ever met.  I have answers to my questions and my problems, the pain is resolved and my mind is at ease in gaining control over my body.  I finally have my life back!!!  I wish I had gone to her years ago!

– Melanie C.

Kalmia Wellness