Born and raised in Alaska, I developed an early appreciation for the great outdoors and a natural lifestyle. My father supplied more moose and salmon than we could eat (even the cat ate salmon!) and my mother was part of the first natural foods co-op in Anchorage. After high school I headed off to the University of Colorado at Boulder and earned a BA in French, the highlight of which was a year abroad in Bordeaux, France.

When I learned about naturopathic medicine it immediately resonated with me. I began working at a health food store and learning all I could about herbs and supplements. Meanwhile, I was working on pre-med courses at the university so that I could apply to naturopathic medical school.

In 2002, I moved to Portland, Oregon to attend National University of Natural Medicine and there I met my husband Glenn Ingram, Jr (a Hartsville native). During the third year of school my health suffered due to the grueling 12 hour days expected of us. I took a semester off and became a licensed massage therapist and started a private practice, which I maintained part-time when I returned to school on the “six-year plan.” We had clinical rotations all over the city, but my favorite was at an outreach clinic for migrant farm workers with a team of other Spanish-speaking students. In June 2008 we all celebrated after the long journey as I received my Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (ND) degree with high honors.

Glenn and I moved to Brevard, NC and opened Through the Woods Natural Health where we worked together for 11 years. I later joined him teaching Anatomy & Physiology to nursing students at Blue Ridge Community College. We have returned to Glenn’s hometown of Hartsville to be near family. Our son Alex is thrilled to be living so close to his grandparents!

As a family, we love biking and playing outdoors with our dog. My hobbies include dancing and learning foreign languages (most recently I have been having fun with sign language). I enjoy getting creative in the kitchen and figuring out how to make healthy meals kid-friendly and delicious. I have been blessed with a son that is just picky enough to keep me on my toes!