The 6-week Diet Reset Program is designed to bring clarity and renewed energy to your life. It will allow you to identify and correct possible contributors to low energy, foggy thinking, pain, digestive issues, and more!

The program begins with a 3-week Restorative Cleanse to reduce chronic inflammation. During this phase you will eliminate inflammatory “junk” foods along with the most common foods that can cause sensitivity reactions. It is often difficult to determine which foods you eat day in and day out that may be burdening your body, therefore the 3-week elimination period is key to gaining a clear picture. We will support you as you learn new ways of incorporating whole, nutrient-dense foods into your lifestyle. Most people experience increased energy and the relief of a variety of symptoms during this phase.

It is followed by a 3-week Reintroduction Phase to uncover hidden food sensitivities. During this phase you will systematically begin to reintroduce foods as you monitor your body for a return of symptoms. People often identify one (or more) foods that they will need to avoid for a period of time for optimal health.

This is not a calorie-restricted program, however most people do shed extra pounds as they improve the quality of their food. As your sugar and refined carbohydrate cravings decrease you will gain a new appreciation of the natural sweetness and flavors of food.  You will learn how to enhance those flavors with herbs, spices, and other natural condiments. Our goal is to inspire you to continue creating delicious and healthful meals long after the program is done.

I am amazed at how good I felt and still feel. It has been a long time since I felt this good about my relationship with food. – SB (past participant)

Program Schedule

Tuesday Virtual Classes via Video Conferencing

10/67:00 – 8:00 pmPrepare for the Cleanse
10/137:00 – 8:00 pmBegin Cleanse: How to Support the Process
(Supplements will be drop shipped)
10/207:00 – 8:00 pmHow to Reduce Toxic Exposure
10/277:00 – 8:00 pmPrepare for Reintroduction Phase
11/3No Meeting (Begin Reintroduction)
11/107:00 – 8:00 pmReintroduction questions and support
11/17No Meeting
11/247:00 – 8:00 pmVirtual Celebration!

Wednesday In-person Classes in Hartsville

9/176:30 – 7:30 pmPrepare for the Cleanse
9/237:00 – 8:00 pmBegin Cleanse: How to Support the Process
Pick up supplements (or can be drop shipped)
9/307:00 – 8:00 pmHow to Reduce Toxic Exposure
10/77:00 – 8:00 pmPrepare for Reintroduction Phase
10/14No Class (Begin Reintroduction)
10/217:00 – 8:00 pmReintroduction questions and support
10/28No Class
11/47:00 – 8:00 pmCelebration Meeting

A private Facebook group will allow all members to interact and receive support in between meetings.

The program cost is $275, which includes 6 instructional and support meetings, handouts, as well as nutritional supplements to enhance the cleansing phase.

Virtual program is now on SALE! Only $220

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