I was so confident in and devoted to my previous naturopthic doctor in Illinois that for 3 years after moving toe Brevard, I continued to consult with her by phone, email, and traveling 14 hours for an office visit.  Doubtful that I could find anyone that could equate with her depth and breadth of knowledge, I reluctantly gave up the travel and sought local care.  I held a high standard for replacing my Illinois doctor!  As an experienced client of naturopathy, I can say without reservation that Dr. Marty is not only well studied and knowledgeable, but insightful and persistent in sorting through a myriad of symptoms and getting to the root of the problem.  She listens carefully, connects all the dot, and besides treating the problem, she teaches me to manage my health.  A consult with Dr. Marty is always enlightening.  I am receiving an ongoing education in ME! - Trish S., Brevard, North Carolina

I had been praying for someone like Dr. Glenn and Dr. Marty to come to Brevard, and I am still just as excited as I was in 2008 that they are here! I have been a patient since the beginning and have attended most of their lectures and classes as well. I continue to learn new things in their care; I love understanding how my body works and how to work with Nature. I feel connected to the earth and connected to my healing process when I take herbal medicine. I so appreciate both of them and all that they do to keep me and my family well! - Joy Hybil, Brevard NC

  I love my appointments with Dr. Marty.  She is so easy to talk to, and has helped me with various health issues.  I have learned how important eating healthy food is, and how herbal medicine can lesson symptoms without chemicals.   She knows which natural remedies will make me feel better, and they do.  Thank you, Dr. Marty! - Gail Heseltine, Pisgah Forest, NC

Dr. Marty’s commitment to understand my complex symptoms and to develop and tailor a unique treatment program has enabled me to heal from the inside out.  I had seen many traditional physicians and was declining rapidly.  Dr. Marty helped me turn around a serious illness in less than two months; I am now blessed with more strength and vitality than I have had in years.   Her profound holistic healing knowledge base and her insightful approach has taken me to a level of health and well-being that I would not have thought possible.   Her kind and thoughtful manner of working with patients is truly extraordinary. - Christine King, Mills River, NC

Working with gastroenterologists for a gut problem I was prescribed medications that only provided temporary relief. Working with Dr. Marty we did food sensitivity testing. Following the ensuing recommendations has provided complete relief for more than two years. - Charles Gilmore, Brevard, North Carolina

I had suffered for literally decades prior to consulting Dr. Marty. Within weeks of adjusting my diet based on recommendations provided by the specialized testing she recommended I obtained relief that has lasted, literally, for years. There is no way to overstate how this simple lifestyle change has improved my quality of life! And I wouldn't have known to make the change without Dr. Marty. - Charlotte Gilmore, Brevard, North Carolina

Rarely does a day go by that I am not grateful and amazed at how you have helped me. When I first started I had significant issues with my immune system.  This past year I only had one small bout of sickness and was surprised at how quickly I recovered. Before that I would get sick 4 or 5 times a year, often ending up in the hospital. I admit I was very dubious about naturopathic medicine at first, however I was willing to try it to break the cycle of illness.  I am now a healthier and happier person because of it.  I can't thank you enough! - Glenda Newell, Rosman, North Carolina

I sought out many health care providers to help me with GI problems I had been experiencing.  None of the MD’s I worked with could begin to address my health concerns.  After working with Dr. Marty I was finally able to overcome my symptoms and reach the root of my health concerns, as well as feel an overwhelming increase in my overall health and well-being.   I was so impressed by the quality of her care and the depth of her knowledge, as well as her compassion and professionalism. - Kate Eastman

I came to Dr. Marty with severe fatigue and depression while in a state of having exhausted my adrenals. I was impressed by how knowledgeable she is on this situation, as well as how thorough she was with my background. With her help, I felt better within 1 month and am now well on my way to full recovery after just 3 months. I can't recommend Dr. Marty highly enough! - Dana Eakins, Hendersonville, NC

Dr. Glenn and Dr. Marty have been instrumental in helping me as I transitioned from being morbidly overweight to being in a normal weight range. They gave me advice on additional lifestyle changes I could make to assist the process, helped me determine supplements and foods that would make the transition smoother, and provided feedback when I felt like something was off or not going as well as I thought that it would. They have been my doctors for the last three years and been a big part of not just my weight loss journey, but also part of helping me design/maintain a lifestyle that helps to keep that weight off. - Rain Parker, Eight Owls Farmstead, http://eightowlsfarmstead.com/