I was so confident in and devoted to my previous naturopthic doctor in Illinois that for 3 years after moving toe Brevard, I continued to consult with her by phone, email, and traveling 14 hours for an office visit.  Doubtful that I could find anyone that could equate with her depth and breadth of knowledge, I reluctantly gave up the travel and sought local care.  I held a high standard for replacing my Illinois doctor!  As an experienced client of naturopathy, I can say without reservation that Dr. Marty is not only well studied and knowledgeable, but insightful and persistent in sorting through a myriad of symptoms and getting to the root of the problem.  She listens carefully, connects all the dot, and besides treating the problem, she teaches me to manage my health.  A consult with Dr. Marty is always enlightening.  I am receiving an ongoing education in ME!

– Trish S., Brevard, North Carolina